The Bathtub Series

I have decided to release some of my private and personal work created with Derek Riker. We have been working together for a few years creating very intimate artwork towards a stunning coffee table book. 

The Bathtub Series was shot on an amazing trip to the Maldives. After a long day shooting swimwear, Derek captured me in my post-work wind-down. It is a behind scenes look into my life when I'm not working.  

Digital download only, No shipping fees. 

The only request I have is that you DO NOT share these images on the internet for everyone else to see! When fans support my work it makes it possible to shoot more and create more fantastic projects. Like downloading movies, or songs from an illegal site on the net, it makes it impossible for artists to keep producing work.

31 High definition jpeg images in a zip file. 

A note about opening on a mobile phone, this is a zip file so you may need to download a third party app to open for example "winzip" or "izip"