The Lobster


What a find! The lobster has been around for 20 years and I recently went there to celebrate this milestone. I had no idea this gem existed in Santa Monica. I almost don’t want to tell you about it so that I can keep it all for myself. The food was SO good.


On arrival, there is valet which is so often a must here in Los Angeles. The staff is very friendly and enthusiastic about the food which made me excited. When I was in my teens I waitressed at a French Mauritian restaurant and the food was pretty good. It was easy to be excited about it and I always got good tips. I definitely use staff enthusiasm as a gage of what I am really getting. Our waiter had been working there for 17 years so evidently, the fact that she was still this excited made me excited too.


We had a crab cake and Caesar salad to start which we shared. My friend and I wanted to try a few things so sharing is always the best way to get to taste a bunch of things without over-ordering. Both were great but my favorite was the Caesar salad. I’m a big fan of a Caesar salad and this one did not disappoint.

starters at the lobster 

For our mains, we shared a grilled lobster and got two sides, lobster mashed potato, and truffle fries. Yes, we were a little naughty not getting any vegetables but it all just sounded so divine I couldn’t help myself. The lobster and its accompanying lemon, butter, garlic sauce were definitely the best I’ve ever had. I wasn’t that sold on the truffle fries but there is a possibility that the lobster overshadowed everything else on the table.

lauren and the lobster


For dessert, we shared a chocolate lava cake which in general you can't go wrong with that. We also had a pave, something I had never heard of before but was described as somewhere between fudge and a brownie. Of the two desserts, the pave was my favorite. It came with a kind of espresso cream around it with homemade honeycomb.

 desserts the lobster

Overall I would recommend this as a must-visit restaurant in Los Angeles. It sits on the beach and overlooks the pier and Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. My expectation usually of places in locations like this is that the food would be bad as they are full all the time because tourists want a view. This is not the case with The Lobster. I will admit that I initially had that fear that I was walking into a tourist trap but I was very wrong.


I left feeling thrilled, as though I found something special in an unexpected way.

 view at the lobster


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