Tears of Triumph


One might think that there are more instances of depression, but I wonder if we only think that because more people are willing to reveal what is really behind the curtain. The stigma surrounding mental health issues is far from gone, but the fact that we have greater acceptance, encourages more people to seek the help that they truly need. My own journey through the roads of depression and anxiety has been long and winding. Not only do I use the professional help available, but I have done extensive work on my own as well.

I love to read, and recently I heard about Marrianne Williamson’s book “Tears to Triumph.” The tag line is “Spiritual Healing for the Modern Plagues of Anxiety and Depression.”


This book had so many thought provoking ideas that I had not even considered before. Of course there are some thoughts I wasn’t a fan of, but on the whole I was very moved by the work.


I was able to have some breakthroughs in my grief, as well as my thoughts on the past, and relationships that have come and gone. I would suggest to any friend of mine struggling with this area of their lives to take time to investigate some of this information.


I believe that even if we seek medication for our depression and anxiety, we aught to pursue the healing of our pain and trauma with everything that we have. I have seen my anxiety improve tremendously from the work and reading I have put in .


As I continue on my journey fellow reader I hope to share some of the knowledge and insights I discover along the way.

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