I'm Just Busy - 6 reasons why this is the new automatic response

I'm just busy


“how are you, what have you been up to?”

“I’m just busy, been working a lot”


6 reasons why this the new automatic response?


  1. Usually, we use this as a defense mechanism for their follow up question which is, “I wrote you and I never heard back.” The idea that we HAVE to respond to every single text no matter what is the most annoying concept in the whole world. If I prefaced the conversation, I can say, “yeah I was very busy like I just said.” I don’t have to explain to you all the many reasons why I didn’t respond, I was in the bath, I was having dinner, I was living my life and didn’t really feel like starting a conversation at that moment.
  2. The second reason this is the go-to response is that I really don’t actually want to tell you what I have “been up to”. More than likely I have been dealing with some annoying emotional drama, figuring out my next work move, trying to troubleshoot problems that come up in life which are none of your business. I have no interest in telling you the truth about the details of my life, so I avoid the question by using a fail safe go to.
  3. The questioner already follows you on social media, so they know exactly what you’ve “been up to?” A better question on their part might be, I saw you went to the laker game how was that? Of course, they don’t want to be potentially accused of stalking you, so they act vague, like they have absolutely no idea what you do with your life. Using the “just been busy” answer absolves me of having to recite stories about my life that the person already knows and then has to fake interest in.
  4. Probably the most used reason we use this cover up phrase; to hide the fact that we are concerned that the person across from us might think we are slacking or failing in some way shape or form. If we say how busy we have been it removes any doubt that might be there. We are so busy that we can't even recall all the things we have been busy doing.
  5. Busy-ness is a great cover for not having to explain why you missed events, birthdays, callbacks, pretty much anything. The stress that comes with being busy absolves us of any responsibility towards the person in front of us.
  6. The failings of all relationships can be blamed on the amount of busy we are, therefore we don’t have to explain to the person that we feel unlovable because of our last breakup.

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