Finding the courage to climb out of the box.


So often I am exposed to so many people of different walks of life, and yet some how the struggle seems to be the same. We feel stuck in the box we have been put in, or put ourselves in. The thing about boxes is that you don’t even know they are happening while they are being built around you. Whether in the confines of a relationship, family, work or any area really, we find ourselves in a rut unable to change the way we are seen.


When I think back to all the boxes I have been in, I shudder to think how I contributed to making the box. I handed the wood and nails to the box maker happily until it was too late.


Now I recently learnt something that was interesting. Let’s say I asked you what you know in life, you would be able to list a lot of things. You know what you know, that’s not a question. Then lets say I asked you what you don’t know, and of course you would easily tell me the things you know you cant do; fly a plane, fix a heart, throw a javelin. You know what you don’t know. Then here’s where it takes a turn; you don’t know what you don’t know!


You don’t know what you don’t know! Mind blown. There is an entire world of possibilities, thoughts, ways of being and living that you never even knew existed.

So that brings me to the point of the article. We as adventurers looking for our best lives have to break out of the boxes we are in to not only think outside the box but realize there isn’t a box.


We must search fearlessly for all the things that we don’t know we don’t know. Then, when we discover them, which we surely will because if you look hard enough eventually you find what you are looking for (sorry to all my ex boyfriends whose messages I rummaged through till I found what I was looking for).


When you discover the answers, what you need then is the courage to live the changes you want to see in your life. You can’t eat salad for one week and then go back to pizza and ask why you aren’t healthy. Making mental and spiritual changes are just like physical, you must commit for the long haul to see the real benefits.


When faced with words like “long haul” it sends people running the other direction, but I like to use this little story to keep me going. I know that I am tired when I set out to hike, I can feel the cold wind ripping in to me. I see the top of the mountain and I dread the climb, but I just stop looking at the top and I just look down. I take one step and climb a little then another. I just set the 3ft goals I know I can achieve. When I look again I am at the top of the mountain looking out over the vastness of the life I have created before me, as well as the one I have left behind.


Today I will take a step in courage, even if I feel fear. Today I will believe that even if my dreams seem crushed, I can dream up new dreams. Today I will pursue the next level of my growth, until I find peace in my heart and hope in my mind.



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